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Tax Sale "Primary Market" Explained

What is the difference between the Primary and Secondary Market?


This is a common question on, and we wanted to explain the answer quickly. To understand how the secondary market works, you first need to understand the primary market. Once investors have a good foundation of the Primary Market, understanding the secondary market becomes much easier. The Primary Market is considered to be any tax liens or deeds that are purchased directly from a government taxing authority. Most of the tax liens and deeds that are sold at various auctions, or over the counter are being purchased on the Primary Market. Primary market liens and deeds are always purchased from a government authority. It makes no difference whether it’s a city government, a county government, or  a state. When tax liens or deeds are purchased directly from the local government, they’re being purchased on the Primary Market.

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Tax Lien Primary Market


The tax lien primary market is where the majority of tax liens are sold and purchased. Primary market tax liens are those purchased directly from the source of the liens. Local county or municipal governments are the source of most tax liens. Tax liens are normally issued by local governments in an attempt to collect delinquent and unpaid property taxes. Tax liens serve as the enforcement mechanism for property tax collection in dozens of states across the country.  


Primary market tax liens can be purchased two different ways. The first way primary market liens can be purchased is from a tax sale. Tax sales tend to occur on a specific date, and are conducted as onsite, or online auctions. The second way you can purchase primary market liens is after the sale directly from the county.  Investing in the remaining inventory of tax liens after the tax sale is often referred to as “over the counter” investing, or purchasing county held liens.

Tax Deed Primary Market


The tax deed primary market is where you buy real estate from municipal governments either at an auction, over the counter or be sealed bid. These are properties that have went through the judicial foreclosure and are now being offered for sale. Most tax deeds are sold at live or online county auctions but can be purchased over the counter. Investing in tax deeds in buying real estate, you will own the property after the sale.

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So, what is buying Tax Liens or Tax Deeds on the Secondary Market?

So, if buying Tax Liens or Tax Deeds from the government is the Primary Market. Then buying tax liens or tax deeds from any other source would be considered the Secondary Market. This can also include buying tax liens or tax deeds from private resellers or even companies. This includes when someone assigns tax liens from one investor to another, or even sells tax deeds on wholesale market.  When you are buying a tax lien or deed from someone except the government, it’s a secondary investment. The biggest problem with the secondary market it not finding the inventory. It is finding secondary tax liens or tax deeds worth buying. This is where is available to help investors. To learn more about the Secondary Market by clicking on the tab below. 

Primary Tax Sale Market eBook and Training

If you are interested in learning more about the Primary Market click on the tabs below for free Tax Sale Training. If the free training perks your interest, then you need to check out everything included in our Membership Program. You can also fill out the form below if you would like to contact us directly.


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Tax Sale Fundamentals Video Series. Each video is around 5-10 minutes and are a great way to learn the basics of Tax Lien and Tax Deed investing. 


Learn the what is the difference between a Tax Lien, a Tax Deed and a Redemption Deed. Click on the link below to review our Tax Sale Questions and Answers.


Tax Sale State Map will show you if the state is a Tax Lien, Tax Deed or redemption deed state. Click on the link below to start review the tax sale state map.  

Want help buying Tax Liens or Deed on the Primary Market?

We know how to teach investors how to buy tax liens and tax deeds on the Primary Market. Shade and Stephen they have over 40 years combined experience in this primary marketplace. If you would like to speak to someone about our Membership or Coaching Programs fill out the form listed below. One of our advisors will contact you shortly to answer any questions.

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