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Tax Sale Secondary Market Explained

Bank Owned Certificates


Bank Owned Certificates are a new and fabulous opportunity for tax lien investors, but they also present a few problems for the majority of investors. There are only two ways to purchase bank owned tax liens; The first way is to deal directly with the bank or financial institution. They tend to deal in bulk, so you need to have millions of dollars available. The second way you can purchase Secondary Liens is through a tax lien reseller. However, finding an investor who is willing to sell their tax liens on assignment is usually hard to find.

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Secondary Tax Deeds


Secondary Tax Deeds can be a great way to get started in real estate without the hassle of attending auctions. Many investors that have the capital to get started with deed investing just don't have time to review property and bid at the sale. For these investors its not a matter of capital, its a matter of hours in the day. Finding an experienced partner to attend the auctions is not always a possibility. Without being able to attend auctions, the high returns you can earn investing in tax deeds may be out of reach.  

What if there is another way?


There is a third way you can buy secondary liens and deeds. You can purchase secondary liens and deeds through Not only can you buy bank owned tax liens, but you can also have an advisor help you along with way. After purchasing a tax lien portfolio, your advisors will help you through the foreclosure process and recouping your investment. Once your tax liens redeem, we simply repeat the process. It’s that easy. What if I told you that you can start buying Tax Deed Property without attending auctions? Imagine being able to invest without the need to review each property and be at the sale. Our "Secondary Market Program" is only available through

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Invest like the Banks & Hedge Funds. 

Large financial institutions have been investing in tax liens for many decades. They spend tens of millions of dollars purchasing tax liens in giant batches from county governments. Some counties sell their entire inventory to institutional buyers like banks and hedge funds. In the past, only millionaires had access to Bank Owned Certificates. Now for the first time, Secondary Tax Lien and Deed Investing is available to regular investors.

New Opportunity for Investors

Those who want to earn real money that sustains them now and throughout retirement are looking for their investments to provide that financial security and peace of mind. With the cost of living increasing each year, savvy individuals realize their jobs will never get them where they would like or even need to be. To move ahead these days, it's your money that has to work for you, and it must earn substantially more than you invest to ever achieve financial independence. offers exclusive investments that meet all the criteria for today's sophisticated investor. Your money works passively while providing huge fixed rates of return set by the government. Using tangible real estate and not mere paper as security, your investments works independently of the economic climate. You earn in all exit strategy cases, either to garner a very high fixed-interest rate return or gain a prized asset so you can increase your profits exponentially.

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Our Partners

We've established relationships with some of the most reputable providers of Secondary Tax Liens. These partners work with various banks and hedge fund that invest millions of dollars in large batches of tax lien certificates. These relationships enable our Members to purchase bank owned tax liens. Our members will have the chance to review offers on tax lien portfolios. When the offer is accepted, the tax liens will be transferred in the new buyer’s name. The national data shows us that 99.5% of tax liens issued redeem at some point.  That means the vast majority of the time the county cuts you a check for the lien amount and the accrued interest.  However, tax liens still give the lien holder foreclosure rights if redemption doesn't occur.  The outcome of your investment will either be redemption or foreclosure.

For investors wanting to own real estate outright, Secondary Deeds could be the answer. Our partners will foreclosure on many tax lien properties each year that can be purchased as deeds. But in additional to the newly foreclosed on tax liens, we also work with a group of tax deed wholesalers as well. So if you are interested in getting involved in the Secondary Market place click on the link below to learn more about Tax Lien Certificate investing.


Tax Liens have been purchased by banks for decades for their high returns. Lean about tax liens, how they work and how you can get started.


Tax Deeds are the cheapest way to buy real estate period. Learn about how tax deeds works and how you can get started.


Ready to start earning double digit returns on low risk high profit real estate tax liens? Click the link below to set up a call with a Portfolio Advisor.

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