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Tax Deed Secondary Explained

Tax Deed Investment Strategies

Tax deeds can be purchased in any state. Strategists like to differentiate between tax lien certificate states and tax deed states, but all unpaid tax lien certificates eventually convert to tax deeds if they remain delinquent. A tax deed grants ownership of real property to a government body for non-payment of taxes, and authorizes the government to sell the property to a purchaser, whether it is resold as a tax deed, sheriff’s deed, or other type of deed.


Although tax deed purchasing can be more rewarding, typically there is more risk, complication, and time consumed before profits can be realized. Each state and county has different laws and processes to acquire the deeds. Some give allowances to owners for continued possession or rights to cure the delinquency and take the property back.


Occasionally, foreclosure processes can take years, and be further stymied by bankruptcy, IRS liens, or other types of governmental encumbrances that directly affect your equity position and force more delays. Currently, some are attending tax deed auctions and bidding up prices beyond acceptable profitability standards. But with all of that said Tax Deed investing is many times the cheapest way to buy real estate in any market. offers two options for investors interested in Tax Deeds.


  1. First we offer secondary tax deeds that have been purchased by deed investors and are being offered at wholesale prices. This allows tax deeds to be resold to the new investors well below market value. This allows our members to purchase secondary tax deeds for 10% to 50% of market value without attending the auctions.

  2. Second our mentor-ship program removes the guess work in finding and obtaining the best deeds available. Our goal is to continue working with you to increase your revenue and improve your financial security through tax deed investing. This difference is we are helping you step by step by property yourself and keep 100% of the profits. 


You can review below samples of current pre-screened inventory. If you are ready to get started, simply click the link at the bottom and schedule a one-on-one appointment. If you are interested in our mentorship program CLICK HERE to check out our advanced training.


What is required for Tax Deed Investing?


Now you understand the basics of tax deed investing, lets quickly review whats the investing requirements. Click on the tab listed below to learn more about what's need to set up a secondary portfolio.

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