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Tax Sale Support LLC (TSS) was founded by Stephen Swenson and Shade Ferre, cousins and childhood friends.  The two started the company in 2016, but have been business partners for more than a decade.  For many years, Stephen and Shade specialized in providing seminar companies with training programs and support for tax lien and tax deed investing. 


The training was highly successful, and expanded into websites, webinars, and fulfillment services.  Stephen and Shade handle all of the training and support, so they have always had an good relationship with the students.  

The relationship between TSS and seminar companies was a different story.  Seminar companies were charging people thousands of dollars, but would only allocate 5% to 10% of that towards the actual training. They sold buyers with unrealistic expectations.  They even found companies were stealing their training materials.


It was at that point that TSS made the decision to leave the seminar industry altogether.   TSS essentially cut out middleman, and now offers the training directly to the public.  Without the high overhead costs of seminars companies, TSS could offer the exact same training for a mere fraction of the price.

A Unique Training Provider


It doesn't take most students very long to realize that TSS is unique among training providers.  Much of this can be attributed to its two founders, Stephen Swenson and Shade Ferre.  Both of them believe tax liens and tax deeds are some of the most lucrative, and secure investments available today.  After nearly a decade in business, and tens of thousands of students, TSS still has an "A Rating" with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  Stephen Swenson and Shade Ferre have helped countless investors achieve their goals.  They understand the obstacles, and they care about the success of each student.

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